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Quertier-Kinderkrippe (Kopie)

seit 2008

Familial crèche - since 2008

Welcome to The First Step, the familial and flexible crèche in the heart of Zurich Seefeld. We are delighted that you are interested in our offer. It is our pleasure to show you our rooms and are happy to explain to you our philosophy in a personal discussion. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


Your The First Step-Team



About us

The challenges for young working parents are constantly on the rise for which we would like to support them with our offer. We believe that our long and flexible opening hours better serve the needs of parents. In addition, we try to help out with short hindrances as flexible as possible as these can occur from time to time.

Our caretakers are certified and qualified and help our kids to learn in groups, to play, and to interact with others. We want to provide to the kids a pleasant and familial environment in our crèche in which they feel at home.

«Child care is a matter of trust.»




The aim of The First Step is the support of a constant and balanced development of all abilities, but foremost physical, cognitive, and affective.

The pedagogic direction of our crèche is not limited to the transfer of expertise, but also exercises its educational function. Within this, personal contact, collaboration, acceptance and individual skills, and intellectual interests are all rated high.

We believe that a crèche shall provide much security and devotion to the little ones, which is absolutely essential for every phase of development.

Healthy food and fresh air

This phase needs a balanced and healthy diet, for which we place much value on a diversified menu. Furthermore, our crèches are located in Zurich-Seefeld, a central but still quiet neighborhood of Zurich. Every day our groups take a stroll to the lake or to other playgrounds nearby.




Our offer

You can choose between our basic offer (from 7.15am until 6pm) or the extended offer (from 7.15am until 7pm) Extensions are possible upon consultation. For siblings, we offer a reduced price of 10% for the second child.

At both crèches, we offer two groups of mixed ages:
Mini: 3 months until 2.5 years of age.
Maxi: 2.5 years until kindergarten age.

Additionally, for kindergarten kids, we offer bringing them, collecting them, and taking care of them in the afternoon. Our crèche is open year-round with the exception of public holidays, and between Christmas and New Year.


Work and family

Our offer makes it possible for companies to provide a complete service to their employees in providing child care for them.

Our central location in the business and living district of Zurich-Seefeld makes us a particularly interesting for companies residing in the city.

Companies can, according to their needs, book a fix quota of places or individual combine individual days.





Our crèches are located centrally and quiet – in the heart of Zurich-Seefeld. You can reach us very easily by tram (lines nr. 2 and 4) and by car; parking lots are available in the front of the house.

You find us here:

The First Step
Wildbachstr. 44
Mainaustr. 49
8008 Zürich
Telefon: +41 43 343 92 43

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
07.30h - 19h

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